Eastern Bridge is an International Relations Management company which supports New Zealand organisations with their engagements in East Asia. Our Experienced and Efficent team provides our clients with a low stress, cost efficent and outcome orientated service 

Councils, CCOs, EDAs

We have worked with Councils since our founding in 2014. We also work with a range of associated council organisations like Tourism and Education Promotion offices and Economic Development Agencies.


In 2018 we partnered with our first school to develop a sister-school relationship. We have since gone on to develop specific services for schools to assist them with their relationships and attracting international students.


Since 2015 we have worked with Business Associations (for example: KNZBC and the UMFHA), providing communication, market analysis and intelligence services. In 2019 we started working with individual exporters.


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China 103


Resources developed by Eastern Bridge

Whether you are a local council, development organisation, school or business, Asia (most likely China) will feature somewhere in your plans. However, for many it is a region which appears too difficult to seriously consider.


China is New Zealand's largest trading partner and source of international students, as well as our second largest tourism market.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an important gateway to China. Many New Zealand companies chose to start their expansion to Asia in Hong Kong.


Taiwan is an important trading partner for New Zealand. Many Taiwanese migrants have settled here.


Japan and New Zealand have enjoyed a long and mutually rewarding relationship.There are many strong links between the two countries.

South Korea

South Korea is becoming an increasingly important partner for New Zealand - including in trade, international students, and tourists.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a multicultural country - many migrants from greater China, Japan and Korea have chosen to settle and study in New Zealand.

Eastern Bridge can help you to identify the big opportunities and enhance your strengths through strategic planning. Our communication, marketing, training and diplomacy tools can remove your weaknesses, while our  background checks and due-diligence programmes can significantly reduce any threats. 



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We understand that your organisation wants to see outcomes as soon as possible, that is why we have ready to go solutions for our clients to tap into. 


Migrant Perceptions Reports

Our Migrant Perceptions Survey provides an insight into how Asian migrants feel in Regional New Zealand.


Chinese Language Portal

Our ambitious marketing project to provide in-depth local information to the Chinese speaking world


Bay of Plenty Centre (China)

A free to access landing pad and promotion centre for organisations wishing to get on the ground in China

“I have been told on many occasions that I a terrible sales person when it comes to selling my own services. Rather than overselling myself, bragging and generally being boastful I would much rather have a conversation about what your needs are and what Eastern Bridge can do to assist. If you like what you hear I can introduce some of my existing (and relevant) clients. I feel this type of reference is far more credible than bluster and a collection of irrelevant testimonials.”