Eastern Bridge’s Chinese Language Portal  provides Chinese speakers with a single point to access reliable and up to date information in their language about New Zealand. 

Built for mobile web browsing

800 million Chinese access information through websites. 664 million view the internet on mobile devices.

View as a WeChat mini-programme

1.8 billion WeChat accounts. 619 daily users, 200 million mini-WeChat programmes with 85% WeChat penetration rate

The CLP is designed to provide in depth, local and reliable information about New Zealand. Each Region has sub-sections promoting their tourism and study offerings, introducing local businesses and investment opportunities as well as a section for existing Chinese speaking migrants to learn about their host community. An E-Store section provides local businesses with a platform to sell their products to Chinese consumers. 

WeChat Pay and Alipay

The CLP can receive both WeChat Pay and Alipay payments from China depositing them in NZ$s in a New Zealand bank account.

Approved in China

Both the web-browser and WeChat Mini-Programme are visible in China.

International student exchange icon

Recruit International Students

tourism icon

Attract tourists

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Attract investment and New Business

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Facilitate exports

The Chinese Language Portal was developed to enable local authorities to promote their districts and towns to Chinese people here and aborad. The CLP is built with Economic and Community Development in mind. 

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Attract Skilled Migrants

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Promote our Culture

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Bring our community together

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Communicate with the Chinese community

Support Staff

The CLP has Chinese speaking support staff who are available to respond to inquiries


Eastern Bridge has recruited bloggers and Influencers (KOLS) to promote the CLP and New Zealand

Global Reach

The CLP is designed to reach Chinese speakers not only in New Zealand and China but globally.

“I want the Chinese Language Portal to be the most trusted and in-depth source for information in Chinese about  New Zealand, not only that, I also hope it can support communities to flourish through international connectivity”


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