Jiangxi Province

Jiangxi is an inland province in South East China. The Province has a population of 49 million people. The average household disposable income in the province is around 6,000 NZD per year. Unlike many of the coastal provinces Jiangxi is still enjoying high GDP growth of around 9%. The biggest contributors to the economy are: Traditional Medicine and Pharmaceuticals, Tourism, Horticulture and Food Processing, Aviation (building equipment), and VR technologies. The province has priorities the environment in its development plans, with over 70% of its land in forest, the region also has two UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites. The province also has a strong cultural heritage, being home to Tang Xianzu (1550-1616) the Chinese equivalent of Shakespeare.

Cities relating to this relationship

Nanchang: The provincial Capital and location of the EBOP Promotion Centre
Fuzhou: The partner city of Whakatnae
Xinyu: The partner city of Opotiki
Yingtan: The partner city of Kawerau

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Grow export education in the EBOP by $8 million.

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To grow the Eastern Bay of Plenty Tourism sector by $5 million through Chinese visitors

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Establishment of a Bay of Plenty Centre in Jiangxi. A planned Jiangxi Centre for the BOP

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To streamline pathways to market for interested Bay of Plenty businesses wishing to export to China

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To promote research and education institution partnerships in the areas of: Healthcare, Education, Traditional Medicine and Aviation

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$180,000 NZ Government scholarship to send NZ students to Jiangxi

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A $220,000 NZ Jiangxi Government scholarship to send Jiangxi Students to the EBOP

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Two way participation in Cultural Events. A $22,000 fund established to support Maori cultural performances in China

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A Jiangxi Work Experience programme for EBOP residents interested to learn more about Jiangxi

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Encouraging school-school exchanges between Jiangxi and the Eastern Bay of Plenty

News of the official signing ceremony and of the relationship was promoted across China. The New Zealand Government (MFAT) sent representatives to attend the event. The event was attended by the Provincial Party Secretary, Governor and Vice Governor of the Province

Any Eastern Bay of Plenty businesses, community organisation, school or individual resident is welcome to get involved in the relationship. To get involved they can contact the participating BOP Councils or Eastern Bridge to express their interest. 

Support Staff

Eastern Bridge provides support staff in Jiangxi who can assist EBOP businesses in market


Eastern Bridge's Chinese Language Portal is a powerful tool to assist EBOP businesses and schools reach Chinese consumers

Free to Access

The Centre is free to access for approved EBOP organisations. Additional services are available on request under a user pays or partnership model.

The  relationship was developed by Eastern Bridge under the guidance of the Eastern Bay of Plenty Joint Comitteee (Whakatane, Opotiki and Kawerau).

In 2016 an Eastern Bay International Strategy was developed. The strategy identified what what the region’s aspirations and opportunities are, the goals of an international relationship and what success might look like. 

In 2017 Jiangxi was selected out of a list of over 20 potential partners. Negotiations here held between the Jiangxi Foreign Affairs office and Eastern Bridge (representing the Eastern Bay of Plenty Region)

In November 2018 an MOU to guide the relationship was agreed upon by both sides. The agreement outlined specific community and economic development goals as well as measures for success. 

In June 2019 a delegation of 16 local and central government officials, education and private businesses people travelled to Nanchang, Jiangxi Province for the official signing ceremony. The signing ceremony coincided with the announcement of over $420,000 worth of scholarships and grants as well as the establishment of The Eastern Bay of Plenty Centre in Nanchang City




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