Bridging Asian and New Zealand educators to provide positive long-term relationships for the betterment of all students, schools and cultures. 

Enhance Education through Exchanges

800 million Chinese access information through websites. 664 million view the internet on mobile devices.

Generate Revenue through International Education

1.8 billion WeChat accounts. 619 daily users, 200 million mini-WeChat programmes with 85% WeChat penetration rate

Eastern Bridge has a strong adherent to developing institutional relationships, be they cities or schools. 

A formalised sister-school relationship will generate outcomes quantitatively and qualitatively superior to random and sporadic exchanges. 

Finding the right partner for your school

Eastern Bridge manages over 40 local government to government relationships into China, Japan and South Korea. We will leverage those relationships to find the best school to suite your needs.

The school partners should be able to support both fee paid programmes as well as exchanges.

Formalising and managing the relationship

Once Eastern Bridge has identified a school which meets approval we will arrange the formalisation of a sister-school relationship at the Chinese school itself. The agreement will be directly between schools (not an agent)

Representing you on the ground.

To maintain a meaningful relationship it is important to have regular contact with your school partner. Eastern Bridge has offices and staff in Asia and as part of our agreement with your school we will regularly visit and foster the relationship.

Our Education Director, Peter Guy: Pictured here speaking to a group of students about to depart for New Zealand, is a passionate advocate of New Zealand and our education system.

Eastern Bridge understands Asia and has the tools to communicate with your target market. Eastern Bridge specialises in cross cultural marketing and information transfer. Eastern Bridge provides professional translation services into Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai. 

Chinese Language Portal

In April 2019 Eastern Bridge launched an ambitious marketing project: 'the Chinese Language Portal' (CLP). The website and accompanying WeChat Mini-Programme provide partner schools with an effective tool to market to Chinese students as well providing a range of online administrative and preparation resources.

The CLP is marketed in China thanks to bloggers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). Our KOLs alone have a reach of over 17 million followers across China.

Develping high quality marketing material

Regardless if it is is a glossy brochure, school magazine or business cards we can produce the content, translate it into the appropriate language, design and print. Our designer is familiar with both New Zealand and North East Asian design styles. We regularly arrange printing in China so as to provide cheaper costs and negate the expensive freight of printed materials to Asia.

Translation and language support

Eastern Bridge has a team of qualified and experienced translators who will ensure that your marketing material and any correspondence with Chinese partners is flawless. When working with us you will be able to tap into our language resources for:

Once we have formed an agreement with a school we will assign one of our translators to you to ensure seamless communication. This will allow the translator to become familiar with your school and returning inquirers will appreciate the continuity of speaking to the same person.

Eastern Bridge is unique in its understanding of the Asian nuances of business and communication requirements for success. Eastern Bridge utilises its many years experience and network of Asian offices to assist you in all areas of planning and managing your Asian business affairs.

Recruitment and Enrolment

Students can submit their desire in studying at one of Eastern Bridge's schools through an application form integrated into the Chinese Language Portal.


Once their fees (or a deposit) has been received Eastern Bridge will liaise between the school and student to ensure they receive the appropriate visa. If required Eastern Bridge will work with a recognised Immigration Adviser to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Programme Planning

Eastern Bridge will provide recommendations on and assist with bookings of activities to enhance your international student's experience.

Since Eastern Bridge works across the country we can draw on our knowledge of a wide range of service providers which will enhance the programme your school is providing.

While the school will be responsible for delivering the programme Eastern Bridge can relieve much of the planning stress.

Financial Planning

Through a process of trial and error Eastern Bridge has developed financial models for schools. These plans are particularly helpful to schools which are intending to host short term groups (also known as study camps). Another benefit of working with Eastern Bridge is that thanks to economies of scale we receive preferential booking prices at a number of activity providers around the country, allowing for greater savings.

Placement Planning

It can be difficult for schools to place students before they arrive, at which point it can be too late. Eastern Bridge has developed an online pre-departure testing programme. The test is conducted through the Chinese Language Portal and checks their Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Schools will receive a report as well as be able to review their original test.

Student Management System

As part of our commitment to our partner schools and the international students we have developed the "Student Portal". The Student Portal is an online management system which is accessible through the Chinese Language Portal. Like the CLP the system is in Chinese to ensure nothing gets lost in communication. Once a student has paid their tuition fee they will be given a unique code which will allow them access to their own account. The Student Portal is where the students can access all the information they need for the international study experience.

Eastern Bridge facilitates and orchestrates ‘by schools for schools’ relationships in an open and transparent manner.  

“I want the Chinese Language Portal to be the most trusted and in-depth source for information in Chinese about  New Zealand, not only that, I also hope it can support communities to flourish through international connectivity”


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